SDC Security Officer




Background Most of these professionals come to our company from law enforcement agencies. Usually an entry-level employee.
Training Most have at least 400 hours of law enforcement training. The State of Illinois requires only 20 hours of training to license an unarmed security guard, and just 20 hours more to work armed with a gun.
Education High school diploma, plus some college, or equivalent, as well as security training. Illinois does not require education for a licensed security guard, other than the mandatory 20 or 40 hours of security training.
Incentive Well paid, working as respected professionals. Ordinarily at the bottom of the wage scale.
Motivation Working in their chosen field, these men and women take the same pride in their work as other law enforcement officers. Employed in a low-paying job that often commands little respect, many security guards are those workers who are unable to get a better job.
Ability to Deal With People SDC Security Officers are experienced and have received professional instruction in dealing with people under many different circumstances. Low-paying security guard positions ordinarily do not attract articulate people with good social skills. Their minimal, mandatory training includes little to enhance their communication abilities.