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Tips for Your Neighborhood Security Watch:

Tips for Your Neighborhood Security Watch:

Professionals and Volunteers Working Together to Protect our Community

All eyes return to Florida as the George Zimmerman murder trial begins to try and determine the facts in the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. But certain facts are not in dispute:

  • George Zimmerman was a volunteer on neighborhood watch patrol
  • George Zimmerman was carrying a legally registered and permitted gun
  • Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old who lived part-time in the neighborhood Zimmerman was patrolling
  • George Zimmerman saw Trayvon Martin, was suspicious of his actions, called 911, and followed Martin through the neighborhood
  • Trayvon Martin died from shots fired by George Zimmerman’s gun

These undisputed facts are enough to put fear in the hearts and minds of every parent, and every neighborhood association. What should have been done differently? Who started the confrontation? Was Martin suspicious merely by the facts of his race and hoodie? Was Zimmerman a zealot, or a conscientious volunteer who was protecting his neighborhood?

Neighborhood Watch, Block Watch, Crime Watch: these are all neighborhood efforts to organize a volunteer neighborhood crime watch as the 1st step in safe-guarding your family and home from potential intruders. Fighting crime and protecting our families is a responsibility we take seriously. Neighborhood watch works: across the country neighborhood crime has shown dramatic decreases when implemented in cooperation with law local enforcement. (New York State Police)

Common sense tips and advice from law enforcement professionals can provide your neighborhood watch with information, training and resources to safeguard your family and property without accidentally jeopardizing your community.

  1. National Neighborhood Watch (NW) is sponsored by the National Sheriff’s Associationand is dedicated to prevent crime. For over 40 years NW has provided free information, resources and tools to help individuals, neighborhoods and professionals keep their communities safe from crime.
    • Neighborhood Watch signage can be a first step to discourage intruders from entering neighborhoods. Neighborhood Watch signage can be purchased through NW.
    • National Neighborhood Watch Institute: NNWI provides crime fighting training, materials and information to neighborhood watch groups as well as law enforcement agencies. Handbooks, signage and documentation tools are available for sale.
  2. Invite professional law enforcement to educate and inform your community on effective crime watch strategies: neighborhood watch should be a partnership with law enforcement, and not vigilante justice. Working in partnership with your community’s law enforcements protects both your neighborhood and your volunteers.
  3. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s smart: It may be legal in your community to carry registered and permitted guns. But that does not mean it’s a smart policy to allow your neighborhood watch volunteers to carry guns while on patrol. National Neighborhood Watch volunteer guidelines in USA on WatchNeighborhood Watch Manual (in conjunction with NSA) are clear:
    • do not carry weapons
    • do not confront
    • call 911 or local authorities

    Citizens and law enforcement professionals can partner together to make our neighborhoods safe from crime. Together, we have the information, resources and motivation to protect our families and property. Implementing volunteer neighborhood watch rules and guidelines can help keep our community safe from crime.

    Chicago Security Company

    Professionals Protecting Professionals

    SDC Chicago security officers are primarily off-duty law enforcement professionals with practical, field experience in a wide variety of law enforcement functions. Many of our officers have additional qualifications, specialized education, and other certifications and training that prepare them to perform in stressful or dangerous situations. The protection of your people, property and assets are your #1 priority. Security officers act as both a deterrent to crime and the first response in case an emergency situation does arise. Our highly trained security officers have both the knowledge and experience to protect your people and property within the law and with a reduction in liabilities.

    Training, experience and qualifications separate premium security professionals and your average security guard. Who do you want protecting you?

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