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Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis Consulting

Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis Consulting

Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis are used by businesses, organizations, schools and communities to

  • evaluate the security of their people, operations and facilities
  • implement strategies and systems to keep people and property safe from harm

The best way to prevent harm to your people and operations is taking proactive steps to identify potential threats; and to establish policies and procedures that your team is trained to implement in the face of a threatening situation. Trained, prepared staff and tested, well-defined procedures can prevent an incident before it happens, minimize a safety or security episode, and manage a harmful event that occurs to protect the welfare and safety of your people.

Threats and risks can be caused by different factors, including:

  • natural hazards including severe weather such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and earth quakes
  • accidents where unintentional harm is caused such as slips and falls, equipment mishaps, exposure to hazardous materials, and occupational injury
  • intentional harm when someone is deliberately planning to injure people or property

SDC investigators are highly trained and experienced, and know how and when to act. The Security Dynamics threat assessment process includes:

  1. Identify, assess and manage individuals or organizations who make threats or act in a threatening manner: SDC uses strategies to identify
    • how credible and reliable the source of the threat is
    • the type of threat
    • the level of risk the threat imposes
  2. Workplace violence assessments: identify and understand the potential of violence in your workplace from your employees, the general public, or individuals or groups that may want to do deliberately cause harm to your people, facilities, or operations.
  3. Training and consultation on implementation of internal security and threat assessment and protection procedures: educated and trained employees are the 1st step any business or organization can take to identify and prevent potential harm to people and property.
  4. Risk vulnerability analyses to prepare for, control or minimize the effect of potential or perceived occurrences: SDC will work with you to identify vulnerabilities in your operations and facilities in an effort to identify potential threats and protect against them.

SDC’s experienced trained security professionals perform a complete and thorough analysis of our clients’ operations and facilities to provide a security and vulnerability assessment. We will deliver to you a prioritized recommendation of actions and solutions that will minimize potential threats and maximize protection of your people and assets.

Chicago Security Company

Security Dynamics Corp Chicago Security Company and Chicago Private Investigators are highly trained off-duty law enforcement professionals with practical experience in a wide variety of law enforcement functions. Many of our officers have additional qualifications, specialized education, and other certifications and training that prepare them to perform in stressful or dangerous situations. The protection of your people, property and assets are your #1

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