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Summer Security Tips

Summer Security Tips

Seasonal changes bring changes to your security needs, and summer brings special security issues for both businesses and homes. Are you prepared for summer security needs?

Business Summer Security Tips

Kids on vacations, tourists, summer sales and extra leisure time can all lead to increased profits for businesses during the summer months… or they can lead to increased crime including theft and vandalism. By planning ahead your business can be prepared for summer security needs.

    1. Video surveillance cameras: Fake surveillance cameras can be a crime deterrents, but a real surveillance camera may deter crime, and actually help apprehend criminals.
    2. Hire roaming security guards: small businesses can band together and hire a security patrol to be present day and night to patrol your business and provide an experienced crime prevention presence and deterrence.
      • co-op patrol services provide cost-effective security to businesses and industrial parks and protect property from burglary, theft, and vandalism
      • foot and mobile patrol security officers protect your business, employees and customers; they are aware of unusual activity in the neighborhood and can structure a strategy customized to your neighborhood and individual business concerns beyond police limitations
      • professional security guards provide customers a with sense of security: making them feel more comfortable to shop in a secure environment
    3. Train your staff: The start of the summer season is a good time to bring your staff together and remind everyone of security procedures, and implement new procedures including:
      • posting a “greeter” by the door to welcome customers… and keep a watchful presence on customer activity
      • remind staff to check IDs and signatures of all credit card users – not just “suspicious” looking customers
      • speak to and assist customers throughout their visit: not just as they enter or make a purchase: smart sales tactics and security go hand-in-hand

Residential Summer Security Tips

Summer fun leads to summer security issues: some simple planning and preparation can help ensure a safe, fun summer for your family.

  1. Vacations: if your home is left unattended while you’re away on vacation, or if a neighbor or family friend is keeping an eye on your home, simple security precautions can help make your home safe and secure from intruders, including
    • lighting
    • locks
    • landscaping
    • window treatments
    • stopping mail and newspapers
  2. Screen doors and window: Warm summer evening breezes – too nice to shut the doors and windows and turn on the AC – are a tempting invitation to intruders. Enjoy the summer breezes: but be smart and don’t give burglars an opportunity for easy entry: close and lock all unattended doors and windows!
    • be aware of all open doors and windows, and don’t leave purses or expensive electronic equipment attractively displayed by an open window or door
    • close and lock doors and windows before you go to sleep
    • close and lock doors and windows when you leave your home
  3. Expensive lawn equipment and family toys: it’s easy to use the lawnmower, or your new bike, and then forget to close the garage door. Put the toys in the garage, then shut and lock your garage door.
  4. Summer fun also presents summer dangers, including outdoor grills, fireworks and fire pits, and summer weather emergencies. Check your batteries for
    • flashlights and smoke detectors
    • cordless phones (and have a wired phone if you lose electricity during electrical storms)
    • security alarms: a wireless security system is fantastic… as long as the batteries work
    • fire extinguishers are necessary year round, but an extra fire extinguisher outdoors near the grill or fire pit is a small investment for family safety
  5. Many companies hire young people for door-to-door sales during the summer months. Think twice about opening your door to strangers: and if you do decide to buy, check IDs and verify the company is legitimate. Don’t be intimidated: you don’t have to buy, or even open your door.

Let’s make this a safe summer!

Chicago Security Company

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SDC Chicago security officers are primarily off-duty law enforcement professionals with practical, field experience in a wide variety of law enforcement functions. Many of our officers have additional qualifications, specialized education, and other certifications and training that prepare them to perform in stressful or dangerous situations. The protection of your people, property and assets are your #1 priority. Security officers act as both a deterrent to crime and the first response in case an emergency situation does arise. Our highly trained security officers have both the knowledge and experience to protect your people and property within the law and with a reduction in liabilities.


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