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Personal Safety Tips Learned from “The Call”

Personal Safety Tips Learned from “The Call”

The Halle Berry thriller “The Call” is a not only entertaining cinema; it’s also full of personal safety tips and lessons for teens, shoppers, women and anyone who is home alone, traveling alone, or finds themselves in an isolated area. Cell phone use can lead to becoming a victim: or help you prevent becoming a victim.

1. A dead cell phone is useless: Many parents provide their tweens and teens with a personal cell phone as a safety measure to be sure they are always in contact. Whether your cell phone is used for safety, business communication or strictly social: a dead cell phone is a useless cellphone. Always charge your cellphone before you go. A back-up charger in your car, purse, or briefcase is a smart personal safety investment.

2. Blackberry Jam leads to injury: “Blackberry Jam” occurs when someone is so engrossed with using their cellphone that they lose track of where they are, frequently walking into other pedestrians. While it’s mildly annoying when someone who is engrossed in their texting bumps into you on a sidewalk, it’s extremely dangerous when someone is distracted and not aware of their environment. News reports detail crime and injury due to cell phone distractions:

  • preoccupied shoppers having their wallets stolen in crowded stores or shopping malls
  • sidetracked pedestrians wandering into busy traffic intersections, or mis-stepping on unnoticed curbs
  • distracted walkers in isolated areas become crime victims

3. Parking lots and garages require preventative security measures: Closely parked cars, dim lights, and isolation all contribute to crime in parking lots and garages. Women and teens in particular are targets of parking lot crime, and distraction by cell phone use makes a target even more attractive. In parking lots or garages pay close attention to your surroundings, and some simple safety precautions can help prevent becoming a crime victim:

  • do not use your cell phone in a parking lot or garage so you are not distracted
  • have your car keys in hand, and be ready to push the ALARM button on your key fob
  • remember where you parked your car; if necessary write it down: wandering around an isolated parking lot makes you a target for “helpful” criminals
  • avoid parking garage isolated elevators and stairwells: try to stay with others
  • walk down the center of the aisle to your car, do not walk close to the cars where you can easily be grabbed by someone crouching between cars

4. Always tell someone where you’re going: Whether you’re making a quick trip to the store, a week-end away, or an extended trip be certain a reliable contact knows where you are, and when you’re expected to return.

5. Call someone if you know you’re in an unsafe area: if you unexpectedly find yourself in an unsafe area and you feel threatened or in danger, call someone reliable on the phone and stay on the line with them until you feel safe again. A parent, a spouse, a reliable friend or even 911: if you feel you are in danger, do not ignore your gut feeling: listen to your instincts, and if you see someone you think is threatening you describe that person on the phone.

Personal cell phones are a great safety device. But cell phones are also a distraction that can make you vulnerable to crime or injury. By following simple personal safety tips and common sense you can help prevent becoming a victim.

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