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Inexpensive Home Security Gadgets and Devices

Inexpensive Home Security Gadgets and Devices

The Chicago Police Department recently held a ‘Keeping it Real’ burglary prevention session and invited four low-level criminals to speak to area residents about home security and preventing burglaries. Some of their advice may surprise you – not because it’s so hi-tech, but because it’s so simple.

The number one deterrent to burglary identified by these former house burglars? A nosy neighbor!

Getting to know your neighbors, a tip that costs nothing, proved to be more effective in stopping crime than alarms [“The security company has to call the house first, all I need is 20 seconds sometimes,” one burglar said] and dogs [“Not a problem, I just bring food; they love peanut butter.”] ~ DNAInfo.com

There are simple, inexpensive home security gadgets and devices that can help keep your home safe from burglary and prevent unauthorized entry.

  1. Baby monitor: Of course a baby monitor can be used to listen to or watch your baby; but when the baby monitor is no longer in use for the baby, repurpose it for home security:
    • Station the monitor by the front door if you’re leaving it open on warm summer days
    • Place the monitor in the backyard when the kids are playing so that you can hear them when you can’t see them
    • If you’re staying home alone upstairs or in the basement, leave a monitor on the main floor to be alerted to unusual noises.
  2. Iris Smart Kit: Made and sold by Lowe’s, Iris is a smart home system that can be installed in about an hour and provides security features that include
    • Allows you to control access to your home from anywhere with a smart door lock
    • Creates temporary passcodes for guests to enter your home
    • A video camera that provides 24/7 surveillance from your smartphone
    • Program lights and motion sensors
    • Trigger an alarm in case of emergency
  3. Belkin WeMo: converts your home to a smart house: it lets you automate and control electronics from anywhere. You simply plug the Belkin WeMo into an outlet, download the free app to your smartphone and you’re ready to automate. WeMo can
    • Automatically turn indoor or outdoor lights on and off: at different times of the day, which a timer cannot do. When you pull up in the driveway, you can turn the exterior lights on
    • Interact with social media and send you a text when someone opens you front door
    • Detect movement in the installed room with WeMo Motion
  4. DropCam: is a “smart” video camera that allows you to monitor what’s going on in your house from wherever you are. USAToday likes the DropCam “for its overall simplicity”
  5. Keyless deadbolt alarms: keyless door locks aren’t only convenient, they also provide home security benefits, including
    • Controls who has access to your home with temporary or permanent entry codes that can be turned on or off via smartphone
    • Record who entered your home and when with a complete audit trail of entries
    • Prevent burglary via a “bump” key for a keyed door lock
    • You can’t lose your keys: and have the cost of replacing your door lock

There are many systems and tools that homeowners can install to help security their family and property. But there are also many inexpensive gadgets and devices that help secure your home. Used properly, an inexpensive gadget can make your home safer. Used improperly, an expensive security system won’t protect your protect you.

Security Dynamics Employees

Security Dynamics Corp Chicago Security Officers and Investigators are highly trained off-duty law enforcement professionals with practical experience in a wide variety of law enforcement functions. Many of our officers have additional qualifications, specialized education, and other certifications and training that prepare them to perform in stressful or dangerous situations. The protection of your people, property and assets are your #1 priority. Security officers act as both a deterrent to crime and the first response in case an emergency situation does arise. Our highly trained security officers have both the knowledge and experience to protect your people and property within the law and with a reduction in liabilities.

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