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Home Safety and Security Tips: Interiors

Home Safety and Security Tips: Interiors

Protecting your home and family is your #1 concern. Following are some interior home safety and security tips that can provide your home with real security benefits, and not a false sense of security. See our Exterior Home Safety and Security Tips for tips and ideas to make the outside of your home safer.

Interior Home Safety and Security Tips

1. Windows:
When leaving home, many people would never forget to lock their front door: or think to lock their 1st floor windows.

  • Factory installed window locks are easily pried open and are only a temporary obstacle to an intruder. Keyed turnbuckles, hinged wedge locks, ventilating locks, or locking pins can be installed in your double-hung, sliding or casement windows to provide more security.
  • Apply 3M window film to reinforce your windows and help prevent entry via shattered windows; tinted film can also prevent thieves from window-shopping your possessions.
  • Security bars covering the inside or outside of a window or an AC unit can deter intruders. Security bars should never be installed on bedroom windows: in case of emergencies such as fires occupants need to be able to escape through the window. Many security bars are ornamental, and can complement your home décor.
  • Sliding glass doors require extra measures to prevent intruders. Keep a wooden bar in the track of sliding glass doors; install a pin lock through the door and the metal track, and a sliding key lock on the track to deter easy entry.
  • Pet doors on entry doors and sliding glass doors, especially those for larger dogs, are an easy access point for an intruder: especially young burglars! Pet doors can be secured with locking door covers, and are available with electronic signals that restrict access to a linking pet collar.

2. Garage:
Your garage contains not only your car, but also expensive tools and sports equipment. A few simple tips will help keep your garage contents safe.

  • Install a garage light that is turned on from inside your home so you never enter a dark garage.
  • Lock your garage. If you have a keypad garage door lock, change the code periodically.
  • When your car is in the garage lock the car doors. Do not leave your keys in your car.
  • Change your car’s garage door opener from the factory settings. If your car comes installed with an automatic garage door opener, be sure to change those factory settings also.
  • Leaving your garage door open on a nice spring day is great to air it out, and great for the window-shopping burglar to help him decide which garage he will return to!  Use your garage windows or your entry/exit door to enjoy the day!

3. Alarm Systems:
Alarm systems can provide valuable protection if installed correctly by a reliable vendor and used responsibly. Most burglars choose to go somewhere with easier access when faced with the possibility of an alarm.

  • To deter criminals from even attempting to enter your home display your alarm company sign prominently.
  • Curtains and blinds prevent thieves from peeking in your windows and seeing all your great electronics, and from monitoring changes in your family’s daily activities. When you’re on vacation leave blinds in the same position as when you’re at home: don’t advertise you’re away by closing all the blinds and curtains 24/7!
  • Timers on lights keep your house well-lit and disguise the fact that no one is home. Set the timers to go on and off at varying times: any observant burglar will note if all lights go on at 6pm and off at 10pm every day.

4. Social Media:
Social media shares can inadvertently alert burglars that your family is away from home – on a vacation, for a day at the beach, or at a family wedding. Simple social media changes can protect your information from people who are not your friends.

  • You’re being careful not to post photos on Facebook while your family is on vacation. But are you monitoring your kids’ posts to be sure they’re not sharing with their friends’ friends that the whole family is away for 10 days?
  • Twitter: if your family must tweet when everyone is away, turn off Twitter location services so the tweets are not advertising your location.
  • Facebook: verify your privacy settings: and your family’s.  Does your setting allow friends to share posts and photos with their friends: who may not be your friends?
  • Instagram: turn on Private Mode so that your photos are available only to your approved followers.

For more information on smartphone privacy settings see this segment on NBC’s Today Show on smartphone sharing.

5. Misc.
Install – and use – a home safe. In the event an intruder does get in your home, protect your valuables.

  • Be cautious of vendors, repairmen, or anyone uninvited knocking on your door to gain information or access. Ask for ID through the locked door, and if you did not request their visit, or you’re uncertain or uncomfortable, do not unlock your door.
  • If you have a pet, be aware of and change obvious pet care activities that indicate when you’re away from home. If your dog is typically running in your fenced yard, be aware that this absence alerts intruders to a change in your routine.
  • Do you have an answering machine on your home phone? Don’t leave a message indicating you’re away… or let the machine fill to capacity, indicating you’re not home to hear messages.
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery while you’re away. Ask a neighbor to be on alert for package deliveries, or to pick up your mail and papers.

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