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Campus Security: Sending Your Child Off To College

Across the US thousands of families are preparing to send a student off to their freshman year of college. Parents are overwhelmed with lists of preparations: in addition to class schedules and text books and laptops, students need sheets and pillows and towels; clocks, lamps and TVs; clothes, laundry supplies and toiletries; storage bins, umbrellas and backpacks.  

Be Prepared: Family Disaster Plan Checklist

None of us want to experience a natural disaster. Yet the news we watch and read continues to shock and scare us:

  • Hurricane Sandy Shocks New York City and New Jersey
  • Tornado Devastates Moore, Oklahoma
  • Forest Fires Level California Neighborhoods
  • Blizzard Strands Dozens in Western States
  • Flooding Forces Chicago Families From their Homes
When Mother Nature hits, there’s nothing we can do, right?  

Hiring Security Services for Public Events

When most of us think about security at public and special events, we think about a purse and backpack inspection at the entry gate – if we think about it at all. But security at public events is a critical decision with multiple factors that can impact our enjoyment of the event we’ve come to see.

Security needs for crowds ranging from the hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands encompasses a wide range of potential scenarios, settings and atmospheres  

Homeowners Can Recoup 3M Window Film Costs

The proven benefits of 3M window film make your decision to install 3M® Safety & Security Windows in your home a good investment to protect your home and family.  

Home Safety and Security Tips: Interiors

Protecting your home and family is your #1 concern. Following are some interior home safety and security tips that can provide your home with real security benefits, and not a false sense of security. See our Exterior Home Safety and Security Tips for tips and ideas to make the outside of your home safer.  

Hiring Security at Schools and Public Facilities: What You Need to Know

Headlines are forcing many of us to re-think our position on hiring guards, and armed guards, in public buildings to protect our families:  

Home Safety and Security Tips: Exteriors

As children our homes provided a sense of security, demonstrated by TV shows such as Leave it to Beaver and The Brady Bunch: home was where we were safe and protected from the dangers and uncertainties of the outside world. We want to give our own families that same sense of security, but today's reality sends a different message, again reinforced by TV shows like Criminal Minds or CSI: our home is a fortress that we must protect and defend from potential predators. Residential security is a priority in today’s world.  


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