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Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

Halloween is an annual celebration that kids – and parents – spend weeks preparing for. Costumes, parties, door-to-door trick-or-treating, decorations, special candies and snacks: lots of fun? Absolutely! But every parent’s constant fear is that something will happen to their excited, happy and distracted child: something that could easily have been prevented. What can you do to prepare your child for a safe but still fun Halloween? These Halloween safety tips will help protect your child.  

Tips to Survive a Mass Shooting

The headline alone is enough to cause panic but the reality is there have been over 35 mass shootings since the Aurora movie theatre in July 2012, according to ABC News. Not only do you need to be prepared in case the unthinkable happens but you need to educate and prepare those who depend on you: your family, co-workers, and friends. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Houston Police Department have joined forces and released a video on YouTube to educate the average person on what to do if they are caught in a mass shooting. The Houston PD received a $200,000 grant from Homeland Security to demonstrate DHS’ Run. Hide. Fight guidance if confronted by an “active shooting.” Active shootings are unpredictable and quick: typically over in less than 15 minutes and before police or help can arrive. There’s virtually no time to make decisions: so preparation and training before a situation occurs is the smart path to follow. Think of an airplane flight: Thousands of flights take off daily, and many of us have flown hundreds of times. Yet each and every time the flight attendants demand our attention and try to prepare us for the unthinkable: an airline disaster.  

Pros and Cons: Installing Home Security Cameras

Homeowners concerned about neighborhood security frequently consider installing interior or exterior home security cameras. Security cameras offer the benefit of recording the activity that goes on in or around the home when the homeowner is not present. In many public areas we have become accustomed to security cameras monitoring our activity, so accustomed in fact that most of us forget cameras are there. If the added security benefit of home surveillance systems is so obvious, then why do so many homeowners decide against home security cameras?  

Is Your Children’s School Prepared for a Disaster?

The decision which school your children will attend can be very complicated, or very simple. Sometimes the decision is as simple and direct as which school is closest to your home. Other times the decision involves the availability of before or after school care, tuition costs, programs for sports or academics, special needs, or religious considerations. But how many parents choose their children’s’ school based on that school’s disaster preparation?