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Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips

It seems that summer vacation just started… and now we’re preparing to go back to school. Sending children off to school is both exciting and frightening for parents. You can prepare your children for the school year with some basic school safety tips that will help them make better choices and give you some peace of mind.

10 Back to School Safety Tips for Children

Young Children

  1. Teach your child his or her home phone number and address, your cell phone number, and to call 911 for emergencies.
  2. Practice walking to school or to the bus stop. Choose the most direct route with the fewest street crossings, with intersections that have school crossing guards. Instruct your children to:
    • Walk on the sidewalk, or if no sidewalk is available, on the curb facing oncoming traffic.
    • Stop 3 feet from the curb and look both ways before crossing the street, especially when crossing between parked cars.
    • Cross the street at a corner or intersection if possible.
  3. Arrange for your child to walk to and from school with a sibling, friend, neighbor or parent.
    • Children need continual reminders not to talk to strangers whether they are walking, in a car or in their homes.
  4. Teach your kids – whether walking, biking, or riding the bus to school – to obey all traffic signals, signs, traffic officers, and school crossing guards.
    • Remind them to be extra careful in bad weather.
    • Explain to children that bad weather makes it difficult for drivers to see clearly and to stop quickly.
  5. Instruct bus riders to stay seated at all times and keep their heads and arms inside the bus while riding.
    • Teach children that the school bus driver must be obeyed and respected.
    • Never walk behind a bus, and always walk at least 10 feet in front of a bus so the driver can see them.
  6. Teach children proper playground and lunchroom behaviors: no pushing, shoving, or crowding.


    1. Teen drivers and passengers require extra road safety reminders as they head back to school.
      • No texting, cell phone use, eating or drinking while driving.
      • Driver and all passengers must wear a seat belt.
      • Limit the number of passengers in teens’ cars: both teen drivers and teen passengers must know the teen driving laws for your community.
      • Passengers cannot distract or interrupt teen drivers.
    2. Teach children to trust their instincts: if they feel a situation or an adult encounter is unsafe, they should seek out a trusted adult or location.
      • Explain to teens that even at their age, it is not embarrassing to feel intimidated by an adult or a situation, and that “gut feelings” are something that are developed and refined as they grow and mature.
    3. Teens should keep cell phones available for an emergency, but cell phones are not to be used for entertainment or chatting with friends during school hours.
    4. Conflict with other students can happen. Be upfront with your teen about what actions to take to prevent confrontation with another student.
      • Under no circumstances should students resort to physical fighting. Seek the support of an adult who can take charge of the situation.
      • Verbal fighting can be as harmful as physical fighting. Instruct your teen on all forms of bullying, and how painful and hurtful words can be.

    Your child is never too young – or too old – to learn back to school safety tips. By preparing your child for potential situations they could face, you are preparing them to make smart choices that can protect them from dangerous situations.

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